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Watch: Things Chinese People Say to Laowai

Posted: 01/16/2015 11:00 am

mamahuhu things chinese people say to expatsWhile we hope none of our readers have had to resort to the “thousand yard stare” during their time spent in China, there remains a quiet frustration that manifests itself into a poker face when being confronted with the usual barrage of things you’re told and asked because you’re an expat in China.

This poker face is effectively represented in this video by comedy troupe MAMAHUHU in a compilation of all the same things that a Chinese person are likely to say to an expat in conversation (or what passes for conversation).

Here it is on Youku:

This video counters one previously made by MAMAHUHU about all the things expats are prone to say to Chinese (“You know what China should do…”). You can watch it below and experience how the other half lives:


Photo: Youku screencap

  • Metzenbaum

    This isn’t news. When are you going to produce your own content?

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