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Dead, Diseased Pigs Ground Up To Make Sausages In Zhejiang

Posted: 08/26/2014 8:37 am

dead hogsA Zhejiang man has been sentenced to jail for using meat from diseased hogs to make sausages sold to markets around China, reports the Yangtse Evening Report.

Mr Dai from Huzhen, Longyou County was convicted and sentenced to two years and four months for having violated health standards. Dai was also given a fine of RMB 330,220. His wife Xu is being tried in a separate trial.

In January of 2013, the couple purchased 50 hogs that had died from disease and had not been quarantined. For each half kilogram of diseased pig, they paid anywhere from one to four yuan.

After slaughtering the diseased hogs and processing them into sausages, the couple had about 3,750 kilograms worth of meat for sale.

With each package only costing the couple about RMB 8.25, Dai and Xu sold the packages of sausages at a price of RMB 11 to RMB 14 at markets in Ningbo, Yuyao, and Xiangshan.

Photo: Yangzi Evening Report

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