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Apartment with “Runny Nose” Drips “Yellow Goo” From Ceiling In Huizhou

Posted: 04/9/2014 2:37 pm

ceiling snot guangzhou building apartmentBesides leaving 15 confirmed deaths in its wake, the recent storms in Guangdong have also left behind a legacy of leaks and drips. For apartment owner Miss Liu of Pengdayu Xihu in Huicheng District in Huizhou, fixing a leaking crack in the ceiling would only make things worse when it started to drip “a thick, yellow goo”, reports Nandu.

Using keys to enter the unoccupied apartment above, Miss Liu discovered that a crack in the floor was being fixed; screws were forced into the crack which was then filled by a yellow gluey substance. As explained by a representative of the building’s property management, the water leak came from a pipe running along the area that hadn’t been properly water-proofed. When using high-pressure jets to mend the crack, it may have been that the pressure was too high and caused a leakage to the apartment below.

The property management representative said: “Many apartments have this same problem. It does not affect one’s safety in the least.” This is apparently supposed to help homeowners and residents to rest easy. If a pipe can’t hold in water or a repair can’t actually fix the problem, at the very least Miss Liu will be able to keep this “thick, yellow goo” that has fallen on her floors. For free.

Photo: Nandu

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