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Burma’s proud national airline launches direct service to Guangzhou

Posted: 03/8/2011 6:00 am

There aren’t too many ways to reach Myanmar, one of the world’s pariah states. Ruthlessly run by a military junta (that’s ‘hunta’ to you, buddy), the regime continues to poke western governments in the eye while curling up in the soft maternal embrace of its neighbour, China. But just because it’s a deeply oppressive regime, doesn’t mean you can’t go visit.

For most people, going to Myanmar means a trip to Bangkok first. However there are direct flights from some Chinese cities, namely Kunming and Beijing. But if you’re a real thrill seeker, you’re more than welcome to buy a ticket on Myanmar Airways International, which is launching service between the country’s capital of Yangon and Guangzhou.

Using Air Bus A-320, the flight will operate biweekly and special package tour will be planned later, it said.

The MAI represents another airline that link Yangon with the Chinese southern city after China Southern Airlines.

If you’ve never heard of MAI, don’t be too concerned, because it’s not on the EU banned airline list (unlike North Korea’s proud national carrier, Air Koryo). In all seriousness, the scenery in the former British colony is said to be spectacular, and well worth a visit.

You can find MAI’s official website here.

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