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Delays cause air rage inside Shenzhen airport as killer storm rages outside

Posted: 04/1/2014 1:15 pm

The recent disastrous weather has many airlines thinking of safety as dozens of flights were cancelled or delayed at Bao’an International Airport in Shenzhen, but passengers were thinking of something else: compensation.

Irate passengers clashed with airport personnel as equipment was smashed, reported NFDaily. Male passengers were photographed standing upon service counters as they demanded the airlines compensate them for having been inconvenienced, after which police were eventually called in.

Readers may remember airports as being the traditional place to properly express a public meltdown when not granted the entitlement of being able to put their bum on a seat in a vehicle that flies. We’ve seen vicious attacks upon airport personnel, a rant from a woman who threatened to shut down the internet, and most famous of all, the viral video of former CPPCC committee member Yan Linkun who destroyed a check-in counter after he missed his own flight. Twice.

Air travel in China is often fraught with sudden delays without explanations, further enraging consumers to bouts of “air rage”. But all the same, perhaps it would have been easiest for all involved if the airport didn’t cancel or delay any flights.

That is, according to the NFDaily report, if flights were able to take off despite local flooding that inundated the interior of the new Bao’an Airport (as well as having leaked in), and then be able to fly through the heaviest locally-recorded March precipitation in over 30 years that included hailstones in what has been declared a code red weather alert for all of Shenzhen. And then, after that, be able to fly in a storm that has seen 9119 recorded lightning strikes since the evening of March 30.

Airlines: can’t you get your act together and schedule our flights in a time not during a deadly storm? These prices are high enough as they are.

Standing on a table usually has some connotations associated with it (”Oh Captain, my Captain” aside), so here is some hot “standing-on-counter” action for ya:

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