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Guangzhou man loses iPad while on vacation in Norway, has it mailed back to him

Posted: 01/6/2014 11:00 am

After his girlfriend misplaced his iPad during a tour of Europe in November, Guangzhou resident Mr. Lu thought it was lost and gone forever along with the important files and personal photos stored on it. Then he learned last week that there are some fine people in the world after his iPad was sent to him all the way from Norway. But he still kicked up a stink about being made to pay a 200 yuan import duty on the device.

Nanfang Daily reports that, during the tour, Lu’s girlfriend Miss Liu left the iPad on a plane. The couple returned home assuming they would never see it again.

Then in December, they received an email from a person claiming to have got their contact information from the lost iPad. At the end of December, they received a notification from Shipai Post Office on Tianhe Road saying there was a parcel for them.

Although the sender had covered the cost of the delivery, Lu was made to pay a 200 yuan import duty. Both Mr. Lu and Miss Liu are furious about this. Customs explained that the iPad was technically an import.

Are they within their rights to complain?

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