Heavy rain causes chaos in Zhuhai as schools close and bus services stop operating

Posted: 06/25/2013 4:08 pm

Police help kindergarten students to safety, courtesy of Sina Weibo

It’s the time of year when rain wreaks havoc on the region and Zhuhai is suffering particularly badly. Schools were forced to close and a number of bus routes stopped operating after the city was hit by up to 344 millimetres of rain yesterday.

The damage was extensive, according to Sina News: 2000 people were relocated; 4200 people were affected, 6,500 acres of crops were affected, four landslides were triggered in Doumen District and two reservoirs overflowed in Xiangzhou District.

School’s out, courtesy of Sina Weibo

Xiangzhou, Doumen and the Bay Area saw average rainfall of 237 mm, 232 mm, and 53 mm respectively. But the most severe flooding was in the Gongbei Area. Lianhua and Yuehua Roads were under about a metre of water.

Students had to be evacuated from Nanping Zhuzhou Kindergarten, Qianshan Yuhai Primary School, Gongbei Kindergarten, and Cuiwei Elementary School.

The city is still on red alert but, most importantly, no deaths or serious injuries have been reported.


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