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12 people killed by heavy rainstorms in Guangdong

Posted: 04/1/2014 9:12 am

Heavy rainstorms in Guangdong on Sunday are responsible for 12 fatalities in the province as the disastrous rainfall is expected to continue throughout Tuesday, Chinanews reported today.

Many places in the province suffered landslides and heavy rainfalls, causing the emergency evacuation of at least 759 people. Among the victims of the rainstorm, six people were killed in a landslide in Gaoyao, Zhaoqing. One 16-year-old teenage girl in Dongguan was swept away by the torrents and died after being rushed to the hospital.  Two people were killed in Shenzhen and two are still missing, the report said.

The heavy rainfalls have also caused serious disruptions to air and road traffic. More than 250 flights in Shenzhen were cancelled, according to SCMP. It is estimated that 34,500 people have been severely affected by the downpour.

Here are some images of Guangdong engulfed in the rain:

Photo creidt: Sina weibo user @吴传茂Leo

Photo credit: 聚焦中国

Photo credit: Nanfang Daily

Photo credit: Xinhua Net

Home page photo credit: 阿铨 摄   


Woman dies in Shenzhen floods after making final phone call to husband

Posted: 09/2/2013 1:15 pm

Of the two deaths caused by storms and flooding in Shenzhen in recent days, one was particularly agonizing for both the victim and her family.

Storms and subsequent floods have caused all kinds of chaos in Shenzhen. On Friday alone, 47 firetrucks were put to use in 38 separate incidents as rain reached 113.8 mm. A man in Longhua was electrocuted, a bus fell into a pit on Meihua Road and, perhaps most poignantly of all, a woman drowned in her car shortly after telling her husband by phone that she would find a way out.

Tong Xuxian, 31, drowned in Xili when her car was stuck in her culvert during heavy rains, Daily Sunshine reported.

The possessions that rescuers found in Tong’s car, image courtesy of SZNews

At 4:40 a.m. on Friday, Tong’s husband was woken by a phone call while he was on a train back to the couple’s native Jiujiang in Jiangxi Province with their 9 year-old son. Tong told her husband, Huang Sentian, that she had already called the police because her car was trapped in a culvert and she was already up to her knees in water.

Tong Xuxian’s I.D. card being held up by her husband who returned to Shenzhen after the tragedy occurred, image courtesy of The Daily Sunshine

At 4:54 a.m. Huang called his wife back and she said: “The water is now almost up to my neck and I still can’t open the door. But don’t worry, I’ll come up with a solution.”

At 5:11 a.m. a school classmate of Tong called her and was told that the water had now reached her neck and that she was still waiting for emergency services.

At 5:13 a.m. Tong called her classmate back and exclaimed “How have you people not found me yet?” After realizing it wasn’t the rescuers she said “Sorry, wrong number.”

From 6:06 a.m. Tong’s phone could not be reached.

Rescuers didn’t find the car until 7:30 a.m. and her body was dragged out at 8 a.m.

The other person to be killed was 20 year-old Tan Yixian who was electrocuted while trying to recover valuables from the hairdressers where he worked in Shaxia. He died after being rushed to hospital.


Heavy rain causes chaos in Zhuhai as schools close and bus services stop operating

Posted: 06/25/2013 4:08 pm

Police help kindergarten students to safety, courtesy of Sina Weibo

It’s the time of year when rain wreaks havoc on the region and Zhuhai is suffering particularly badly. Schools were forced to close and a number of bus routes stopped operating after the city was hit by up to 344 millimetres of rain yesterday.

The damage was extensive, according to Sina News: 2000 people were relocated; 4200 people were affected, 6,500 acres of crops were affected, four landslides were triggered in Doumen District and two reservoirs overflowed in Xiangzhou District.

School’s out, courtesy of Sina Weibo

Xiangzhou, Doumen and the Bay Area saw average rainfall of 237 mm, 232 mm, and 53 mm respectively. But the most severe flooding was in the Gongbei Area. Lianhua and Yuehua Roads were under about a metre of water.

Students had to be evacuated from Nanping Zhuzhou Kindergarten, Qianshan Yuhai Primary School, Gongbei Kindergarten, and Cuiwei Elementary School.

The city is still on red alert but, most importantly, no deaths or serious injuries have been reported.


Storms, flash floods kill at least 19 in Guangdong

Posted: 05/17/2013 7:00 am

Nineteen people are dead and fourteen are missing as a result of storms and subsequent flash floods that have swept Guangdong Province over the past 48 hours, according to the provincial government.

An estimated 43,900 people have been affected by the storms and over 36,000 have been displaced. A least 710,000 hectares of farmland has been affected.

Over 1,000 homes are under water and an estimated 300 million yuan-worth of damage has been done. Bear in mind that most of this damage has been done in less developed parts of the province, so entire families will be living with the consequences for generations.

Guangzhou, Shaoguan, Heyuan, Meizhou, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan and Yunfu have all been affected by the floods.

Xinhua has more:

The water levels of some rivers in Guangdong have surpassed warning lines, and an offshoot of the Beijiang River saw the worst flooding in a century, according to the headquarters.

As of 11 a.m. Thursday, 19 meteorological stations in Guangdong had reported precipitation measuring over 250 mm. Qujiang District, Shaoguan City, saw the highest precipitation, at 339.8 mm.

The Nanfang will continue to bring you the latest developments.


Foshan’s drainage system ‘insufficient’

Posted: 09/14/2012 7:00 am

The drainage system of Beijing came under fire in July this year after heavy rains caused floods that killed an estimated 77 people.

If the nation’s capital has an incomplete drainage system then what does this mean for less developed cities?

On August 21 and 22, Foshan was hit by 30-minute rainstorms, Southern Metropolis Daily reports. They were two of several storms this summer that turned Foshan into an “underwater city.” This has raised questions about the suitability of the city’s drainage system.

The city’s drainage system is only able to bear a maximum of 50mm per hour of rainfall. Even Nanhai District, the city’s most developed area saw businesses affected by the drenched streets this summer.

The government has invested more than 50 million RMB in improving drainage systems in Guangdong this year, Foshan is still considerably far behind the province’s big metropolises.

Although not a major metropolis, Foshan is far from a backwater, attracting expats with its European Culture Festival in May this year.



A heartbreaking tale: one girl’s search for her dad in the Beijing storm

Posted: 07/24/2012 9:11 pm

We were fortunate down in the Pearl River Delta to have very few (if any) casualties from Typhoon Vicente, which crashed into our shores this week.  Beijing, which faced its own storm over the weekend, wasn’t nearly as lucky.

MissXQ, who has done excellent work on Twitter following the floods up north, has translated a heartbreaking tale of a girl in Beijing who chronicled her search for her dad on Sina Weibo after the deadly floods drowned parts of the city.

The girl, named @侯帅不是女金刚 on Weibo, lives in Fengtai District in Beijing.  Below is her story, told through her own posts on Sina Weibo as she frantically searched for her father and pleaded with others for help.

Her odyssey began on the afternoon of the rainstorm in Beijing.  She made her first post around 4:00pm on July 23:

“My dad went to Man Shui Qiao (in Beijing’s Shijingshan District) to go fishing before the rainstorm. He is still not home. My mom and I am really worried! Please repost and help us! His car is a silver Buick and the plate number is NOKJ06.”

Netizens in China helped her out by sharing her post 44,000 times.   At 4:30 pm on July 23, she posted to say her mom had called the police, who said someone reported her dad’s car had been washed away.

“The police said a car was washed away around the time my mom called my dad… that was their last conversation.  Please help repost, thank you!! This is my dad’s picture.”

5:09 pm, July 23:

“Can somebody tell me what number I can call to check if my dad’s name is on the casualty list?”

5:13 pm:

Some netizens posted to Weibo accusing @侯帅不是女金刚 of just wanting to seek attention by posting that her dad was missing.   In response, she said she wouldn’t curse her dad to become famous.

6:33 pm, @侯帅不是女金刚 posted:

“Can anyone help? We reported to the police and asked them to search for my dad’s car, but the police said they have to ask permission from their bosses, so we have to wait! What can I do? Please, please, please!”

Most netizens commented that she should ask her relatives and friends to help rather than wait for the “useless” police.

6:42 pm:

“Who can come to my house and help us search for my dad? Police aren’t bothering, I beg you all, please please please!  I am going nuts!”

6:48 pm:

“My mom, relatives and I will go out searching for my dad ourselves, please contact my number when I am not on Weibo! Thank you all!” She included her phone number in her post.

12:24 am, July 24:

“I just got back home. The TV station interviewed us. We went to the hospital and police station, but no result. Thanks for all your help. We are still waiting for the police to get permission from their bosses to start searching for my dad, and we are sure NOKJ06 is his car plate number. Thank you for your repost. I am not lying, really.”

1:36 am:

“Anyone know the big names in the city level police bureaus? Can you help to talk to them directly and speed up the process so we don’t need to wait for them to finally decide to search for my dad? My mom and I can not wait anymore, we are so worried.”

2:50 am:

“My mom is still awake. I cannot sleep either. I feel so bad.  I have prepared for the worst to come but I dare not think about it. I am so scared, so scared… I don’t want to lose my dad, I don’t want to lose my whole world.  But for my mom, I have to stay positive and I believe my dad is okay! He will be back and I will continue to search for him tomorrow. “

4:50 am:

“My mom fell asleep. I cannot. I am so worried. I am so afraid something will happen. Papa, please come back, I beg you, please!”

5:48 am:

“I’ve never thought this kind of thing will happen to me. I am really worried now. I don’t know what is waiting for me.  I prepared for the worst but I am so scared that we still don’t have any clue where my dad is. How much I hope this is just a nightmare and it will all go away when I wake up! Dad, please come home, me and my mom are waiting for you!”

8:05 am:

“Please don’t play with me anymore. Those people who sent me SMSs and told me they found my dad’s car, please don’t play with me anymore. When I got your message, I woke my mom up and called you back, but your phone is out of service. Please don’t play with me. I am so worried!”

9:22 am:

“At 10:48 pm on July 23, someone reported to the police that he saw a car being washed away. It was at the same time my mom spoke with my dad on the phone. But the police have not given us any update on when they will search for that car. The police told us they have to get permission from their boss to search for the car.  They won’t do anything before they get permission! But my mom and I are so worried! Does anyone have any good ideas?”

9:51 am:

“Can I curse? If my dad is a government official the police wouldn’t let us wait this long just to get permission!  We have been begging them all day and night, they still cannot get permission!!! My dad is in the car and the car is under the fucking water!!  I cannot fucking stand it! Can you save people’s lives first? Can you!!”

2:27 pm:

“Thank you all! My family has contacted the special rescue team. But all of them are in Fangshan and they have no people available to help us. I called the mayor’s hotline, but the only answer is wait. I called 110 (police) and the fire department, no one can help. All my family has no other choice but wait. We are all prepared for the worst. I don’t know what to do. The only thing we can do is wait for the rescue team to have some spare people to save my dad.”

3:25 pm:

“Now the Shijingshan, Fengtai and Mentougou police stations are trying to clear themselves out of this. We found the car plate. My uncle found someone to go under the water to search for it and picked it up. I am on the spot. All the police are trying to come clear of it. “

4:14 pm:

“Finally the rescue team has some time to search for my dad and his car.”

5:27 pm:

“This is my last Weibo update, I found my dad’s car, car plate, and his body…  I love you, dad.”

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