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How to Stop the Spread of Dengue Fever? Get Rid of Abandoned Cars

Posted: 10/29/2014 3:45 pm

abandoned cars dengue fever guangzhouAbandoned cars in Guangzhou have become a target for officials stepping up the fight against Dengue Fever. Even though the spread of the virus is starting to subside, authorities are making sure it doesn’t have the chance to bounce back. That means ridding the city of of abandoned cars, which can serve as breeding grounds for the multitude of mosquitoes that spread the deadly virus, has become a priority.

Approximately 580 cars and 700 motorcycles were removed from Xinan Street in Sanshui District, an area where many local residents had dumped vehicles that had little value to them.

The original owners of the cars were notified of plans to remove the vehicles through official channels and news media, of which one-third removed the cars on their own. The rest were taken away in a joint collaboration between the traffic police and chengguan.

Meanwhile, the number of Dengue Fever casesĀ reported daily has dropped below 300 in the past two days, with 217 new cases reported yesterday. In total, 41,155 people were infected with the virus and six people have died.

Photos: Zhujiang Times

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