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China expert John Dorris predicts China to lead developing world, but questions innovation

Posted: 04/1/2014 11:29 am

American John Dorris, a founder of consulting firm Sino-Associates, raised concerns over China’s innovative spirit as the economy continues to grow in a speech at the Shenzhen IdeaXchange  on March 30. The expert on Chinese affairs said while the nation poised to be the biggest economy by 2030, local innovators may not be able to directly compete with those in the West any time soon. But there is much certainty that they will be leading the developing world in South America and Africa.

He went on to discuss how challenges lie in store for the new generation. “In the past, globalization was left to outliers, adventurers and explorers. Today, we are all involved in globalization,” he said. “We are the first truly global generation at work.”

Dorris, a frequent guest speaker at Hong Kong University, described himself as an “interculturalist,” and went over a host of issues for the audience. From the history of globalization going all the way back to China’s role in the ancient Silk Road to modern trading from 1950 and on, he detailed the rapid changes within China. For example, in 1984 Sun Guiying was famously the first Chinese citizen to privately own a car – a Toyota Publica – yet by 1986 China was the second largest market for Toyota. With his expertise on multicultural environments, it was a fascinating discussion at the latest Shenzhen IdeaXchange  speaking event.

With over 250 people in attendance at the Nanshan library, the free event has been taken to a whole new level compared to last month’s humble venue in OCT’s Farsome space. Other engaging speakers included economist Edgar Ollervides on fiat currency; Hanan Yariv continuing to deconstruct economies by going over cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin; local comedian Jay Jay keeping it light with an education on comedy structure; and lastly more multicultural issues with Anthony Paglino on his experiences in Chinese villages and how it relates to his views on cultures coming together.

The Shenzhen IdeaXchange  will continue to hold monthly events. Watch The Nanfang for announcements on the April lineup of speakers, sure to be among the most interesting activities in the PRD.

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