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Life’s little pleasures: Burger King throws open its doors at Coco Park

Posted: 07/4/2011 10:21 pm

It’s amazing how eagerly anticipated openings of otherwise routine fast food chains are in this part of the world. When Fatburger opened in Macau, it drew top chefs from Hong Kong who were looking to indulge in a delicious burger from home. When the first Subway sandwich restaurant opened on Jianshe Liu Ma Lu in Guangzhou, it was hailed as a sign the city had arrived.

Now, we have Burger King in Coco Park.

Sure, Burger King can already be found in other parts of Shenzhen and across the border in Hong Kong (literally across the line, as there’s one in Sheung Shui, the first station on the MTR from Lo Wu). But Coco Park isn’t just anywhere in Shenzhen. Scott Welsh from the Shenzhen Standard describes the anticipation well:

For ages, there was talk of the fabled Hong Kong airport Burger King, a treat for those of us coming and going to and from China, where nary a Burger King was to be found. When the Burger King at Coastal City opened, that all changed and has been improving ever since.

Futian residents now no longer need to go to Nanshan or Luohu for Burger King. We have indeed made trips out to Coastal City specifically for a few Whoppers, and while worth it, we would much rather take the new metro line up to Coco Park to get our BK fix.

Burger king is now open in Coco park next to the Cinema, with an indoor and semi-outdoor eating area, great for all weather.

While the quality is the same as Burger King’s other locations, they still have no Double Whoppers or other ‘double’ burgers. That said, we’re definitely not complaining and are happy to have a Burger King to call our own.

If you fancy the extra unhealthy burgers that Scott mentions, you’ll still have to make your way to Hong Kong. The triple Whopper with bacon and cheese awaits.


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