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Mainland Tourists, Avoiding Hong Kong, Head to Macau Instead

Posted: 10/7/2014 9:16 am

Tourists walk past a luxury store in Hong Kong

The number of mainland tourists to Macau swelled to 1.2 million in the first four days of the week-long national holiday, surpassing the figures recorded last year as people stay away from Hong Kong as streets remain blocked with protesters.

On October 3, more than 300,000 visitors entered Macau, more than double last year’s 115,800 tourists on the second day of the week-long holiday, according to figures released by Zhuhai Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection Station and Macau Government Tourism Bureau.

Meanwhile there were 157,212 Mainlanders heading to Hong Kong on October 1, a 2 percent decline compared with a year ago, Wall Street Journal reported. China has temporarily suspended visas for tour groups heading to the city because of the unrest.

Anti-occupy protesters beat a protester in Mongkok.

According to figures released by the Hong Kong Immigration Department, 165,685 visitors from mainland China arrived in the city on the second day of the national holiday, a 70 percent decline from last year. It’s a “very low percentage during the Golden Week,” wrote Shenzhen Evening News on October 4.

Pro-Beijing Chinese newspaper Ta Kung Pao said the protests have brought instability and financial losses to the city. ANT bank estimated the protests cost the city HK$2.2 billion of losses in retail, the newspaper reported.

Photos: Alex Ogle/AFP/Getty ImagesTyrone Siu/Reuters


  • Zen my Ass

    And now, we have a Macau problem: how long will it take before the city explodes and raises the white flag? Wouldn’t it be better if Shenzhen and Zhuhai, just to name the bordering cities, had some special areas to accommodate to the needs of the people, instead of letting all the mainlanders massively flow down every weekend or so?

    • Commander Jameson

      As a Macau resident I can tell you it is awful during Golden Week, and indeed any other time the Mainland has a mass holiday. I normally try to stay indoors.
      Not sure what these ‘special areas’ you refer to would be as normally people come here to gamble although this year was a little different thanks to the Occupy protestors. Once Hengqin Island is fully operational that will likely help accommodate some overflow.

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