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Nanfang News: Guangzhou moves to legalize street vendors

Posted: 07/18/2011 2:36 pm

Guangzhou launches Traffic Violation Information System
Authorities in Guangzhou have unveiled a portal website which lets drivers check to see if they’ve been ticketed, and confess if they’re really so inclined. Rule-breaking drivers can bring police attention to themselves here:

Shenzhen Party chief responds to pre-Universiade controversy
Shenzhen’s Party Secretary, Wang Rong, responded to the controversy over the city’s decision earlier this year to send 80,000 “high-risk” residents packing to Dongguan. Wang says it was the responsible thing to do and, anyway, had to be done. Really? He goes on to imply that the current administration just isn’t capable of dealing effectively with troublesome types, adding that with next month’s Universiade being the largest international event his city has ever hosted, he’s very nervous. Wang also says that the first 80,000 was the beginning—of what, we wonder.

Shenzhen goes all TSA
Buses included, passengers on all public transportation in Shenzhen will be required to pass a security check before getting on board beginning August 1. Those who refuse to get patted down, officials said, don’t have to get on. No assessment was given of how badly this will cripple traffic in the city throughout the Universiade games.

It’s clean. No really, jump in.
The annual fear factor swim across the Pearl River was held on Saturday, and only one person died. Predictably, Guangzhou Party Secretary Zhang Guangning came in first in the ‘competition’ to swim to the other shore, and future suicidal types can rest assured for another year that even if they don’t drown, the chemical composition of the water will take care of them quickly. The deceased is an athletics teacher at a polytechnic in Qingyuan, and the official cause of death was ruled sudden heart failure. Hey, it happens.

Guangdong model keeps on working
The average annual salary for migrant workers in Guangdong province saw a year-on-year increase of 20% over the first six months of 2011 and rests now at RMB 5,131.

Suicide threat wins man his unpaid wages
A 30-year-old man was arrested outside a police station in Baiyun district Saturday afternoon after a 90-minute standoff with police. The man was spotted hovering outside the police station entrance and pulled out a pair of scissors when approached, threatening to eviscerate himself. After being surrounded by riot police, the man explained that he just wanted wages he was owed, following which police gave him a cell phone which he then used to call up his boss. After the boss showed up, the man put down the scissors. The incident began when his wife recently dumped him, and he decided to quit his job to go win her back. His boss, however, chose to dock the man two months’ pay, or RMB 1,700. Police advanced the man his RMB 1,700, after which he was let go.

Guangzhou government shows some common sense
Guangzhou’s infamous ‘fleeing ghosts’, unlicensed street vendors you might have seen hustling down the street, are finally to be given some sensible treatment. The city’s kick-smash-chase chengguan announced recently that Guangzhou currently has 36 designated test sites in which 3,000 sidewalk sellers of fruit, pantyhose and battery-powered fans, etc., have been given space to work. The plan entails raising the number of sanctioned street commerce sites to 50 by the end of this year, and 120 within three years, for a total of 10,000 entrepreneurial peddlers.

Migrant workers to have mass wedding
Several government departments in Guangzhou have come together to organize a mass wedding for migrant worker residents of the city, set for September 9 this year. Why not, as long as official can score some civic points. Participation is limited to 90 couples under the age of 45, and preference goes to those in which either the bride- or groom-to-be can show proof that they volunteered in either last year’s Asian Games or Asian Para Games. No mention of if newlyweds will be forced to sing red songs at their big Guangzhou wedding. Registration is open until August 12 at

Manhood lost
A 31-year-old woman in Dongguan has dismembered her 24-year-old boyfriend with a fruit knife. After meeting in Shenzhen last year, the couple suffered a miscarriage followed by the rejection of the woman by the man’s parents. They relocated to Dongguan earlier this year, but things started to fall apart in April. In May, the woman threatened suicide after her partner tried to break up with her, following which he kept silent out of fear. Another argument last week led to the knife attack, with the woman saying that the couple ought to die together rather than be separated. The man had his penis reattached after four days of surgery, but has lost all sexual function. His ex-girlfriend has been detained.

Wannabe cop arrested, gun found
The owner of a hotel in Shenzhen has been detained on charges of involvement in organized crime after he was hauled in for a drunken fight in a restaurant late last month and police discovered that the man owns not just replica police uniforms, badges and license plates, but also authentic guns and ammunition. When asked where he obtained all the contraband, the man insisted he didn’t know. “I just worship police,” he said.


Rain last week turned Guangzhou’s Dienan Rd. into a river nearly a meter deep. The uncle pictured above attracted a crowd when he jumped off his bike and took the plumbing into his own hands. After pulling out the drain gunk seen in the photo, water pooled in the street went down and bystanders cheered. Thanks, bike uncle.

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