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Oops! One guy’s online flirting in Guangzhou goes terribly wrong…

Posted: 07/10/2012 10:45 am

Online dating is big business in China, and chatting up strangers here just seems so, well, natural.  (I mean, who doesn’t have Weixin?)

The problem is the person you’re flirting with might not be who you think it is.  Want China Times has translated an online conversation between a man calling himself Mature Big Uncle and a pretty young girl on Jinyang Net, which is affiliated with the Yangcheng Evening News in Guangzhou.

Here’s the conversation:

Mature Big Uncle: Hey gorgeous.

Woman: ?

MBU: I found you by searching “good friends” nearby.

Woman: Uh…

M: I’ve lived here a dozen years and never knew I had such a pretty neighbor.

Woman: Thanks.

MBU: Which building do you live in, want to go for a drink?

Woman: It’s too late.

MBU: It’s not too late. We can choose a place to go and later come back together.


MBU: Gorgeous?


MBU: Don’t be worried, you can see from my name that I am a good guy. Besides, we are neighbors.


MBU: Are you busy?


MBU: Don’t stop talking..?

Woman: Dad, when you’re chatting online, how about not using your real profile photo…


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