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Shenzhen this weekend: Qipao night, live jazz, Australia Day, and open mic

Posted: 01/23/2014 3:09 pm

Shenzhen is slowly but surely emptying as people migrate across the country for Spring Festival. If you’re still around, there are a few things you can still do. Here’s what’s happening:

Jan. 23rd – Thursday Frisbee Throwing Training by the SZUPA – The SZUPA is an organization with the goal of spreading the sport of Ultimate frisbee to Shenzhen and China. They meet weekly for many activities related to their sport as well as social activities to reach out to the Shenzhen Community. Join them tonight if you’d like to learn the basics of throwing and catching a frisbee.

Jan. 24th – One Night in Shanghai @ Shang Bar – Enjoy Shanghai culture and fashion at Shang Garden Bar. This saturday they’ll be celebrating the chinese dress called the Qipao and featuring classic Shanghai music.

Jan. 25th – Gypsy Jazz @ Blu Bamboo – Blu Bamboo is a bar growing in popularity for live music in Shekou. If your night is empty here’s a good filler for some nice live jazz.

Jan. 25th - Adult Fencing Class – Learn to handle yourself in a fencing match. You never know when you’ll be challenged on the mean streets of Shenzhen to a sword match. Joking aside this sounds like a fun break from the norm.

Jan. 26th – Australia Day 2014 @ Boomerang bar – If you’re an Aussie and want to celebrate your country’s birthday, Boomerang Bar at Coastal City wants you there to take part in the fun.

Jan. 26th – Ultimate Frisbee @ Happy Valley Park – The Shenzhen Superren meet every Sunday to play Ultimate. The location may change in the future. Most days it will be at at Happy Valley Park. Please check where we will be playing each week by calling or texting Jeff (13751100329) to check.

Jan. 26th – Open Mic @ La Casa – Join Shenzhen’s original weekly Open Mic Night at La Casa.

If you attend any of these events, please email me at [email protected] and we may include some of your reviews in a future post. Let’s keep your event organizers working to provide better and better events!

(Editor’s Note: We’re looking for dining and nightlife writers in Guangzhou and Dongguan. If you’re interested, please get in touch with us at [email protected])


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