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Shenzhen Waste Treatment Plant Masks Putrid Smell By Spraying Perfume Into The Air

Posted: 08/29/2014 10:12 am

Shangyang Shenzhen Shangyang sludge treatment plant has suspended its production at the moment.

The Shenzhen Shangyang sludge treatment plant has had about enough of residents complaining about the odor from the plant, so it has found a solution: spray copious amounts of perfume and deodorizer into the air.

The treatment plant’s measures were only brought to light after the mobile phone belonging to one of its employees was recently found by a resident living in the area, reported New Express Daily. Not only did the plant use perfume and deodorizer to mask the stench, the information found on the cellphone also revealed that the plant has been giving bribes to inspectors who arrived after residents complained. Furthermore, they manipulated the release of gas to dilute the stench during inspections.

The plant confirmed the use of perfume and deodorizer, but denied sending “red packets” to inspecting officials or manipulating the gas release, saying the related contents found on the phone were only “joking chit chat”.

So, you might wonder: how bad is the smell? According to the report, more than 100 students from a nearby school have transferred. Some of the students exhibit symptoms ranging from an itchy throat to nose bleeds because of respiratory infections. “Quite a number of residents have moved or rented an apartment somewhere else. The stink is especially unbearable during the night, and it has this stringent chemical smell. Many are saying that if we continue to live here, our bodies wont be able to take it,” a local resident identified as Ms. Zhou was quoted as saying.

According to residents, the stench first started late last year, and they began filing reports in May this year to the local Huizhou and Shenzhen Pingshan governments to close down the plant. But so far, the residents haven’t received any replies.

Below is a screenshot of the conversation thread between the employee and two other people that led to the revelation:

English translation:

A: What did you spray? The effects are quite good!

B (the employee): Perfume (grin)

C: Liuxiang’s car drove past those sensitive areas, and (they shouldn’t be able to) notice any problem. (thumbs up)

A: Hehe, are you for real?

B: For real.

Photos: New Express Daily 

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