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Survey: Cantonese women are nation’s most desirable

Posted: 01/22/2014 7:00 am

A survey by website has revealed that Cantonese women are the most popular in the country as prospective partners, Yangcheng Evening News reports. A representative of the site explained that Cantonese women are sought after for their “good upbringing,” “longevity,” and tendency to put husband and children before everything.

These findings are in keeping with a blog post that recently became popular titled “The advantages of marrying a Guangdong woman.” It contains the paragraph (translated by The Nanfang):

“Some say if you marry a Hubei woman, you will discover after several years that you have fewer valuable possessions, as your wife has already moved them to her family’s home. Some also say that if you marry a woman from the Yangtze River Delta you will be unhappy because of the strain on her finances and her demand for a house and a car. So I say marrying a Cantonese woman is best. They are open-minded yet conservative in manner. They’re outgoing, lively and good to be around.”

Vulgar though the stereotyping is, the survey – based on a study into the preferences of 60 million netizens – backed up the claim that these views are popularly held.

The survey also revealed that the most popular men were Beijing men, the most popular star sign was Virgo, the most popular universities were Qinghua and Sichuan Normal University and the most popular professions were government official and teacher.

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