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Shenzhen minimum wage going up to RMB1,600 a month, RMB14.5 per hour

Posted: 02/8/2013 7:00 am

The minimum wage in Shenzhen will increase to RMB1,600 a month for full-time employees or RMB14.5 an hour for part-time employees on March 1, SZ News reports. This decision was reached at the recent 18th Party congress.

In April 2011, the city’s minimum wage increased from RMB1,100 to RMB1,320 , then last year it increased again to RMB1,500 . Workers who receive less than this amount can file a report to the Labour Supervision Bureau.

Meanwhile, the UK’s Economist Intelligence Unit recently published the global living cost index. The list placed Shenzhen as the third most expensive city in China behind Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Shenzhen ranked 40th in the world, while Guangzhou ranked 7th in the country and 71st in the world. Guangzhou’s minimum wage is currently RMB1,550 a month, according to Southern Metropolis Daily.

Although now slightly out of date, China Briefing has a list of minimum wages by province and municipality.

  • China Newz

    Just another sign that China will no longer be the factory of the world. Wonder when these factory workers will for labor unions, if they haven’t already. Just a matter of time.

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