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Watch: Guy gropes and kisses female stranger at Shenzhen subway station

Posted: 07/26/2013 11:00 am

The problem of gropers on public transport in China has become so severe that an extraordinary range of preventative measures have been dreamed up by entrepreneurs and government officials. These include designated women-only areas, anti-pervert hairy stockings, and anti-pervert shoes.

However, some gropers are so determined and shameless that the problem is unlikely to completely go away. Check out this guy who approaches a teenage girl from behind, bear hugs her and then forcefully kisses her on an escalator in Shenzhen’s Tianbei Subway Station, footage courtesy of Jiangsu Television.

The assault, which took place on the afternoon of July 22, happens at 00:35:

The girl immediately called the cops. And last night, the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau reported on its microblog that the man, surnamed Wang, had been arrested.

Left-wing U.K current affairs magazine The New Statesman published an interesting piece this week about a woman’s emotional recovery from being sexually harassed on the London Underground. Her method? To do an interpretive dance on the spot on which she was harassed.

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