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Guangzhou restaurant uses iPad as menu, waiter

Posted: 05/2/2011 11:53 pm

You knew it was only a matter of time before the wildly-popular iPad was deployed in restaurants. While some restaurants in places like Australia are using the iPad as a menu, one Guangzhou restaurant has gone one step further and uses it to accept and place orders.

The details from the well-done China blog Chinahush:

Wang Hong, the manager of the restaurant said that they can cut some waiters by using iPad to order food, “iPad helps us lower the costs, make the ordering convenient and bring fashion to the restaurant.” said Wang. According to him, there are already 25 iPad in use, costing nearly 100,000 RMB. After the May Day Festival this year, each table will have one iPad.

As to the heated discussion on internet, Wang feels that some people only see the surface. “We don’t want to make it big news, but simply a basic tool in the restaurant.” said Wang. He explained that their target customers are mainly young people and they want to attract them by installing iPad since many young people are interested in electronic products nowadays. “But the quality of the food is our first concern.” said Wang.

It is also said that some luxury restaurant in Hangzhou, Beijing and Kunming are already installing electronic ordering system on iPad. But using iPad not only requires computers with local area network, but also needs anti-theft system, which can cost tens of thousands money. People worried that if restaurants have to spend so much money, will they transfer the cost to the food price? Wang said that they won’t do it,” but the price level is different in different places, I can only make sure that our price is fair in Guangzhou.”

While waiting for food, the iPads are loaded up with games, providing yet another reason not to talk to the person you are dining with. The catch here is the name of the restaurant… ChinaHush doesn’t mention it, nor do many other news articles on the subject. All we know is it’s in Guangzhou in Heng Bao Plaza. So if you want the novelty of ordering your food from an iPad, pop over there and look for the crowds.

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