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Massive Dongguan Fire Destroys Factory, Thousands of Bicycles

Posted: 05/4/2014 6:17 pm

electric bike factory fire dongguan Thousands of electric bicycles were destroyed in a Dongguan factory fire on April 30 that saw flames shoot 10 metres into the air, reports the Nandu.

A plume of smoke estimated at 100 meters high by eyewitnesses could be seen for kilometers as the fire leveled the 1,500 square meter Euro-Afro-Sino Electric Bicycle Factory in the No. 6 Industrial Zone of Dalingshan County, Dongguan.

electric bike factory fire dongguanIt took firefighters using ten emergency vehicles five hours to completely extinguish the fire, and it looks like they could have gotten it done sooner if their access wasn’t blocked by spectators recording videos like this one:

The cause of the fire is currently being investigated. There were no injuries, though the wife of the factory owner fainted upon seeing the destroyed bicycles.

fake gas station shenzhenIn other unfortunate transportation news, commuters in nearby Shenzhen don’t just have to contend with unlicensed taxi cabs, but unlicensed gas stations as well.

A shanzhai gas station on Yueliangwan Avenue in Nanshan District has been selling gasoline illegally through the use of a gas tank plopped down behind the station.

Photo: Nandu, screencaps via Youku, Nandu


Ban on electric bikes in Shenzhen won’t be lifted soon, despite rumours

Posted: 09/20/2011 11:33 am

This is a translation of an article which appeared in the Nanfang Daily.

Recently, word that Shenzhen has lifted its ban on electric bikes has circulated quietly over the internet. According to some sources, e-bikes that accord with the national technical standards are now permitted on local roads. Some e-bike salespeople have even claimed that the ban on e-bikes has been completely abandoned in Shenzhen and any newly-bought e-bikes can hit the road.

However, after digging deeper into the source of the rumours, it’s not hard to discover that it is not exactly as it seems.

According to the spokesman of Shenzhen’s Traffic Police Department, Xu Wei, the department is mainly educating drivers and issuing warnings to managing on-road e-bikes because couriers and other delivery staff do need to use electronic bikes.

Xu stressed that other illegal activity, such as carrying passengers, relevant punishment will still apply.

As confirmed by Shenzhen People’s Congress, the “Regulations of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on Punishments in Roads and Traffic Control” hasn’t yet been implemented. While it does mention granting e-bike licenses to industries with special needs, the general principal is still to prohibit their use in areas with matched public transportation. That means it’s very likely that the e-bike ban will still prevail in most areas in Shenzhen.

While more than 500,000 e-bike riders have gone through several ups and downs in the past three months, it seems unlikely that the ban will be lifted anytime soon.



Walk, drive or take a taxi: electric bikes now banned in Shenzhen

Posted: 06/7/2011 9:08 pm

Anyone who’s driven around Shenzhen (or… practically any city in China) can attest to the traffic gridlock. That’s to say nothing of the thick haze of gray dust that often hangs over the city, which sticks to your clothes in this hot and humid weather. One would think to rid ourselves of both problems, riding bicycles — or for longer distances, electric bicycles — would help. For many people, it has; the problem is, according to Shenzhen, these bikes are also resulting in too many traffic accidents. So the city has taken it upon itself to ban the bikes, effective this week. Details from NDTV:

The ban will be effective till December 5 when the city authorities will review it to see if further ban is needed, it said.

Electric bike riders will be persuaded off roads this month and face fines of 200 yuan starting next month, Xinhua reported.

The ban was justified by officials stating that electric bikes were blamed for 64 deaths in 268 roads accidents last year.

The city has over 500,000 electric bikes and the ban is believed to greatly increase the operational costs of express delivery companies.

All over China, including capital Beijing, noiseless electric bikes are becoming immensely popular as more and more people opted for them to beat the traffic jams and reduce transport costs.

The sad part here is that electric bikes, whatever their failings, did help resolve both traffic congestion and pollution. One would think finding a way to accommodate them, rather than ban them entirely, might be a more suitable solution. We’ll see if this ban is permanent (money is on ‘yes’) come December.



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