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Senior Public Security Bureau member in Guangdong illegally amasses 192 houses

Posted: 02/5/2013 1:00 pm

First there was house sister, then there was house uncle, now there is house grandpa.

A cartoon courtesy of Southern Metropolis Daily

A senior Public Security Bureau official in Guangdong Province’s Lufeng City has been caught using a fake identity to purchase a total of 192 homes, Nanfang Daily reports. His brother has now sold many of them off to hide the official’s guilt, according to the paper.

Zhao Haibin allegedly owned properties in Shenzhen, Huizhou, Lufeng and Zhuhai. It has already been confirmed that, despite working as an official, Zhao had an extra I.D. that said he was a businessman.

According to Huang Shenyi, who is leading the investigation, he even had business interests as far away as Chongqing and he was worth an estimated 100 million yuan.

The investigation, which has involved the Lufeng People’s Court, shows that Zhao’s deception was highly systematic, using I.D. from Shanwei City under the name of Zhao Yong to commit under-the-table activities.

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