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Wuhan Man Extols the Health Benefits of Drinking Urine

Posted: 06/23/2014 8:00 am

Bao Yafu chugs down a cup of his own urine.

Apparently drinking your own urine is a thing. Honest. Just ask 79 year-old Wuhan man Bao Yafu who, according to a story in the Wuhan Evening Post, has been drinking the stuff for 22 years. Bao credits the “elixir” (his word, not ours) for curing his constipation, mouth ulcers, and perhaps most impressive, giving him the bone density of a 30 year-old man.

Bao, who also serves as head of the China Urine Therapy Association, religiously drinks three cups of urine every day and washes his eyes and face with it as well.  “For 22 years, I have never had a cold, and I can see things more clearly. I don’t have liver spots on my skin,” Bao told the newspaper. A bone density test conducted last year revealed that he had a bone density only slighter lower than a 29 year-old man, which according to him, even shocked the doctor.

Bao Yafu is not the only one practicing urine therapy in China. According to Bao, there are about 100,000 people across the country who take part in the practice. Founded in March 2008 by Bao and his fellow Hong Kong urine enthusiasts, the China Urine Therapy Association boasts 1,000 members and has been recognized by the Hong Kong government as a “non-profit and non-charitable civil organization”.

Bao explains the importance of drinking from giant, slurpee-sized cups

A 21 year-old man in Wuhan has been drinking his own urine for a year and claims the method is responsible for curing his hyperthyroidism, which is often accompanied by a visibly enlarged thyroid gland and protruding eyes. Initially apprehensive, and hesitantly sipping for the first year, the young man is now comfortably downing half a bottle a day.

Pan Xiuli, who lives close to Bao Yafu, is also a practitioner of urine therapy. Not only does she drinks urine, but she got her husband and father hooked as well. The elixir worked best on her father, an old man in his 80′s, who credited urine therapy for curing his respiratory infection.

Pan said, “My father is more than 80 years old, and has been drinking urine for over a decade. He drinks urine whenever he is able to urinate. Not a single drop is wasted.

Doctors are skeptical. We have heard about men surviving extreme circumstances by drinking urine or for sheer entertainment purposes. But if Bao is successful in further spreading the urine gospel, perhaps he can convince some of his countrymen to stop expelling such precious liquid in public spaces.

Photos:  Wuhan Evening Post



The ability to breastfeed becomes a lucrative market in Shenzhen, some customers are adults

Posted: 07/7/2013 11:25 pm

If you’ve ever had to do something embarrassing or ethically dubious to pay the bills, you’re not alone.

An agency in Shenzhen is offering jobs that pay up to 12,000 RMB a month to nannies who can breastfeed. And some of the customers are adults who enjoy the health benefits of breast milk, the Southern Metropolis Daily reports.

He Mei, 25, became a mother two months ago. Her husband works in a factory in Baoan District and earns just 2,000 yuan a month. After considering some of the monumental costs, such as tuition fees, their family would be faced with in years to come, He Mei made a very tough decision. She left her baby in the care of her mother-in-law so she could go to Futian District and work as a nanny who offered breastfeeding services. She earns 8,500 yuan a month plus room and board.

He Mei got the gig through the agency Xinxinyu. Its representative Lin Jun told the paper that it was the only agency in the country that offers such a service. The agency earns 6,000 yuan every time it hooks a nanny up with a family.

When discussing his success, Lin Jun from Henan said he had been in the business for ten years. For the first six years, business was slow until he discovered a niche: selling breast milk to adults. Espousing the health benefits, he said: “Especially for people who have just had major surgery, breast milk is the best tonic.”

Some adult customers even want to suck the milk directly from the women’s breast. “If the pay is good, then the nannies hardly ever object.”

Lin Jun recruits all around the country. Prospective nannies must come to Shenzhen for an interview, and also pass a health check and be of reproductive age. The successful applicants sign contracts of 6-8 months and can earn up to 12,000 yuan a month.

The agency’s clients come in four categories, according to Lin: New mothers who don’t have much milk, mothers whose breast milk has caused an adverse reaction in the child, mothers who fear what breastfeeding will do to their own body, and the last category…adults who drink breast milk for the health benefits.

In May, mainland China’s first milk bank opened in Guangzhou, but some doctors are skeptical about the safety of doing this.

Moreover, it is illegal to sell breast milk as a commodity but Lin Jun gets round this by simply not mentioning it in the contract – smooth.

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