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Two Middle Eastern men swallow RMB2.25 million worth of drugs, arrive in Shenzhen

Posted: 10/30/2012 1:00 pm

A Palestinian and a Jordanian were caught in possession of 3,053 grams of heroin upon arriving at Shenzhen Airport from a Southeast Asian Country, Shenzhen Daily reports.

Their method of smuggling the 2.25 million yuan-worth of drugs? In their bowels. Customs officials said both men still have drug capsules inside their bodies but haven’t passed them yet.

Suspicion was raised when the Palestinian refused to go through an X-Ray scanning machine. When he eventually complied, the capsules were found.

Airport customs officials think the men were being paid to transport the drugs to Guangzhou via Shenzhen.

Earlier this year, 44.9 kilograms of drugs were found in the luggage of two outbound Malaysians at the airport.

The investigation is continuing. If convicted, the men face pretty severe penalties. In 2009, China executed a mentally handicapped British man for drug smuggling.

Considering the history of foreigners and drugs in China, it is advisable to stay well away from such things.

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