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Guangzhou Metro Line 6 opens to water leaks at two stations

Posted: 12/31/2013 7:00 am

Just 25 hours after the new Guangzhou Metro line 6 went into operation, two of its stations saw water leakages that disrupted their operation, Yangcheng Evening News reported yesterday.

At around 3:20 p.m., a burst pipe caused water to leak from the roof onto the platform at Huanghuagang Station and two trains bound for Changban could not stop there as scheduled while workers cleaned up. A worker told the paper that the pipe was fixed in just six minutes.

An hour later, a reporter from the paper went to Yantang Station to investigate reports of a leakage there. The reports of a pipe leaking were confirmed, but operations did not have to be halted at the station.

Although a minor inconvenience, the leakages are not as embarrassing as those seen at Shenzhen’s new airport terminal this month after the media had made so much fuss about how futuristic the terminal was.

The new line runs from Xunfenggang in Baiyun District, through Liwan and Yuexiu, and terminates at Changban in Tianhe District. There are new interchanges with Line 5 at Tanwei, Line 1 at Huangsha, Line 2 at Haizhu Square, Line 1 at Dongshankou, and Line 3 at Yantang and Tianhe Coach Terminal, according to Explore Metro.

The construction of the line was not without controversy. In June this year, archaeologists discovered that 5 ancient tombs had been destroyed during the construction of line 6.

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