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Wakeboard Championships (and huge party) in Dongguan this weekend

Posted: 04/30/2011 8:00 am

We told you there would be more outdoor mayhem this summer.

Dongguan is playing host to the largest wakeboard competition ever held in China this weekend. It’s called the SF Express Cup Houjie Wakeboard Championships, and is drawing competitors from all across Asia.

Time Out magazine in Hong Kong has the deets:

Terry Tang, one of the main organisers and a rider himself, has been counting his lucky stars since they found their venue at Hau Jie, around 40 minutes by train from the Lo Wu border. “It’s a better environment, the water is cleaner, and there’s more space,” explains Tang. That space has allowed them to install ramps and sliders (think skateboarding) for more advanced riders to showcase their gravity-defying aerial tricks. Competitors will also be able to ride head-to-head against each other, a format not usually adopted in local wakeboarding events due to time constraints. Much like tennis, competitors at this championship are seeded, which guarantees the cream of the crop will only clash at the finals. Audience members will also have the chance to predict the winner for a chance of winning cash coupons and t-shirts sponsored by Quiksilver and Roxy.

To ensure an unforgettable weekend, the organisers have gone all out with a line up of live music, dancers, and fresh tunes courtesy of Skullcandy DJs. For the hardcore wakeboarders, there is also talk of pro demonstrations for new boarding gear. As for everyone else, well, there are always the bikini girls…

For RMB150 at the door, you get two lunches and a dinner over the two day event, and all the beer you can drink (seriously). So even if wakeboarding isn’t your thing, surely sitting outside with free food and beer is?

Details are on their Facebook event page. You’ll obviously need a VPN to access it.


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