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Beijing to Source Fresh Water from the Yangtze River

Posted: 11/21/2014 10:45 am

beijing tap waterBeijing might occupy an excellent defensive position against invading armies, but it’s nearly impossible for the city to source fresh water.

An already overcrowded population coupled with its ambition to become a mega-city means Beijing’s need for fresh water continues to grow. In an effort to solve the growing shortfall, the Beijing Municipal Water Department announced its plan to replace the 6,900 wells currently in use for water piped in from the Yangtze River starting next year. There is no indication what the Department’s long-term plan is to source fresh water beyond 2020.

The move away from wells began in 2009, when Beijing’s 60-70 meter-deep wells began to run dry. Additionally, the well’s water quality began to deteriorate.

Presently, the 6,900 wells provide a quarter of all water supplied to the city, and serve 2.84 million Beijing residents.

While the Yangtze River has no shortage of water, it remains a fair distance away at 1,200 kilometres.

Photo: Beijing Youth Report

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