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China Blocks US Pork Laced with Additive

Posted: 08/13/2014 3:52 pm

pigsUS pork producers are coming up against a great wall of rules when it comes to exporting to China, the world’s number one pork consumer.

The US Department of Agriculture has said pork imports from six US processing plants and six cold storage facilities are barred from China due to a ban on a specific feed additive, reports Reuters.

China has requested all US pork imports to be inspected and verified by a third party to ensure they are free of ractopamine. Known by the retail name Paylean, the additive is used on hog farms to promote lean muscle growth.

As a result of the new restrictions, US pork packing plants that are no longer allowed to export to China include Tyson Foods, Quality Pork Processors, and Hormel Foods.

This is not the first time US pork has come under the microscope in China. In April of this year, China introduced tougher restrictions on US imports of live pigs due to swine flu concerns. China had asked the USDA to certify live pigs used for imports are free of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, a disease that began spreading last spring affecting almost 30 states with millions of young pig deaths.

Meanwhile, imports of grain and cereals into China are up 80% from the year before, with a total 11.34 million metric tons during the first seven months of this year.

As reported by China Daily, the increase is to ensure sufficient domestic stocks, prevent unexpected supply risks and ensure long-term food security.

Photo: Fox News

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    I buy Chinese bacon. American bacon is water injected to increase the weight so it disappears when you cook it.

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