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China Flags Popular Foreign Chocolate-Makers for Quality Issues

Posted: 10/7/2014 3:38 pm

Chocolate-lovers in China won’t like this news: Belgium’s Ferroro Rocher, Germany’s Ritter Sport and Taiwan’s CorNiche chocolate have all been named by China’s quality watchdog for having problems.

According to a report by Guangzhou Daily, imported chocolate from the three foreign brands are among the food products that failed a quality check conducted by the National entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Commission in August, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the country’s quality watchdog.

The watchdog said Ferrero’s Schokobons used excessive food additives, and Ritter Sport also used additives that exceeded allowed amounts. CorNiche’s chocolate was found to have mislabeling issues, the report said.

The quality watchdog said 261 food products failed the test, most of which were bakery items, sugar and drinks. Here’s a partial list:

  • Ferrero Rocher Schokobons from Belgium, banned for having excess amounts of food additives
  • Lipo cream egg cookies from Vietnam, banned for excess amounts of aluminum
  • Pringles cheese potato chips, banned for containing excess food coloring of lemon yellow, and sunset yellow
  • Meixin Jintui Wuren Moon cakes from Hong Kong, banned for excess amounts of bacteria
  • Weiquan special soy sauce from Taiwan
  • Lorado milk powder from Germany
  • Three Ritter Sport chocolates from Germany, banned for its high moisture content
  • Corniche Xianglian milk chocolates from Taiwan

Most of the problems are related to food additives, micro bacteria infection and substandard materials.

Photos: China News


  • Sarah

    Ferrero Rocher isn’t Belgian, but Italian…

  • Zen my Ass

    So, another bunch of banned foreign products is emptying the shelves for local products…

    • Truthful

      Almost every type of foreign product or service operating in China has been targeted this year.

  • Francie Casdia

    My friend found a worm in a piece of Chinese chocolate. Does that not get flagged?

  • lacompacida

    All I can say is “People should know the risks of doing business in PRC”.

  • Truthful

    More protectionism from those who cannot compete with superior foreign products.
    Rather than raising their own standards, they try to “keep face” and libel the foreign brands.

    Absolutely disgusting and pathetic. I wonder when Western nations will wake up to the real Chinese thinking and start banning all Chinese products and individuals.

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