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China Offering Tours to Space for Low Low Price of RMB 500k

Posted: 10/8/2014 5:37 pm

space tourism china

Space tourism will soon be an option for vacationers in China.

Passengers will be able to take a five hour flight 40,000 meters above ground, reports Caijing. There, passengers will be able to see the full 1,000 kilometer arc of the Earth, a sunset and sunrise from space, and experience weightlessness — all for the bargain basement price of RMB 500,000 (about $81,400).

The speakers at the space conference, where the new vacation package was announced, said space travel is safe and stable, and will one day be affordable for tourists. While demand for the trips is high, it’s unclear when tickets will be sold:

We have not formally publicized our plan, nor sold any tickets yet. For this reason, we are not taking any orders for the time being. As of now, we are only answering questions for people making preliminary reports.

Whenever sales do begin, you can bet your Instagram feed will be filled with selfies from space.

Photo: focus.21cn

  • Commander Jameson

    I think I’ll pass on the low budget Chinese option and stick with Virgin Galactic thanks.

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