Dongguan building 400-meter high, 102-floor monster


Dongguan is about to join the very short list of cities with skyscrapers stretching over 100 stories.  If you’ve been through Houjie Town in Dongguan lately, you may have seen a massive construction site near the Regal Palace Hotel.  This is where the future Houjie Famous Furniture Building is taking shape.

The Xin Kuai Bao reports (in Chinese only) that the development will feature the 400-meter tower shaped like a sword as well as several exhibition centres covering over one million square meters, making it, by far, the largest tower in Dongguan.  Construction will be finished by March 2012.

So where does it fit in with China’s other tall towers?  Dongguan Today chimes in with a few additional details:

The concrete height of the skyscraper is still under calculation. “The tower will be one-floor lower than Guangzhou International Finance Center and as high as Shenzhen’s Kingkey Finance Center. According to the average height of each floor, the building is estimated to rank among the highest in South China,” insiders from the Famous Furniture Club said.

So what about other tall buildings in China?  Well, if we include Taiwan, (and we should, just so our website doesn’t get blocked), Taipei 101 takes the cake easily, coming in at 509 meters high. In Mainland China, the tallest remains the World Financial Centre in Shanghai (492 meters), followed by the brand new International Commerce Centre in Kowloon (484 meters).

The thing is, there are hundreds of skyscrapers in Shanghai and Hong Kong, so even the tallest towers tend to blend in.  However, anybody’s who’s been to Taipei would agree that Taipei 101 is an absolute anomaly on the city’s skyline as the single tower standing out amidst several low-rise buildings.  The same effect will likely happen in Dongguan.

Just for trivia’s sake, the tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalifa at over 800 meters high, or more than double the height of Dongguan’s new tower.


Thanks to MissXQ for translating the story from Chinese.  She can be followed on Twitter here or on Weibo here.

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