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Explosion rips apart Dongguan restaurant, one dead and many more hurt

Posted: 03/3/2014 2:41 pm

At least one person is dead after an explosion tore apart a restaurant in Dongguan around noon time today (March 3).

Reports are just coming in, but photos from a Dongguan Journal reporter on site show a lot of destruction at a building on Qifeng Road in Dongcheng District, which is the city’s Central Business District. One person has apparently been confirmed dead, with at least 15 others injured. It’s believed the explosion was caused by a gas leak, and not terrorism.

  • Zen my Ass

    I hope all those sink holes are caused by negligence and not terrorist acts…

    • The FRED FONG

      You wont be hired in the government marketing department. Are you the guy that said Beijing air pollution is a great way to protect China from Laser weapons?

      • Zen my Ass

        I wish I did, The Fred Fong, I wish I did… Pollution is instead a great social glue, it makes people to stay at home and to tighten their bonds… We all should the Central Committee for the pollution.

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