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Fear the Beard! Anti-Terrorism Posters Warn Public of Beards and Long Noses

Posted: 07/17/2014 11:06 am

anti-terrorism poster uighur minority Terrorism is propagated fear. Terrorism is violent coercion. It’s an evil way to achieve an ends by harming innocent people. And, as seen in anti-terrorism posters in Southern China, it has a face. That face has a beard, a long nose, and looks a lot like China’s Uighur minority.

Liuzhou Laowai recently published a post featuring two anti-terrorism posters seen around downtown Liuzhou, Guangxi. This poster states: Terrorism is the enemy of all mankind.

anti-terrorism poster uighur minority

And this poster reads: Helping a violent terrorist escape is criminal behavior!anti-terrorism poster uighur minority

The non-Uighur looking man to the left of the poster is saying into the telephone, “110 Emergency Services? I want to make a report….” To the right of the poster in front of the bus is a marker with the words “national border” on it.

If you find these posters to be “crude” and “racist” as Liuzhou Laowai does, you can find the following government bodies to be responsible (all assumed to be in Guangxi):

  • Autonomous Region Party Politics and Law Committee
  • Autonomous Region Party Committee Propaganda Department
  • Autonomous Region Community Management Comprehensive Control Office
  • Autonomous Region Hall of Public Security Announcments

Photos: Liuzhou Laowai

  • The master of none

    Hardly surprising when world news shows exactly the same every day.
    How often do you see bearded long nose people doing anything peaceful..Apart from hippies that is.

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