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Foreigners Who Want To Work In Beijing Must Now Meet These Requirements

Posted: 09/16/2014 12:38 pm

expat workersForeigners have been streaming into Beijing for decades now, with many finding work as English teachers. Others do part-time work, some freelance. Some work on the wrong visa, while some even have criminal records in their home countries. The city’s cost of living and sometimes lax standards have meant that foreigners have some career flexibility. But that’s about to change.

Foreign expats trying to find employment in the city of Beijing will now have to fulfill a new set of requirements announced by the local government on Sunday. To work in Beijing, foreigners now must:

  • Be between 18 and 60 years old old with no criminal record
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree or above with at least two years of relevant work experience. Teaching requires at least five years of relevant experience.
  • Have a valid passport or other valid international travel documents, and have a specific name for an employer
  • To hold a valid work permit and residence certificate.

The age limit for applicants applying to programs recruiting senior foreign experts is 65.

There are currently 37,000 foreign nationals working in Beijing.

Photo: cnnb

  • Archie

    Looks like Beijing with be teacherless in the near future.

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  • lacompacida

    These are good rules that should be implemented in the US too, for any Chinese wanting to work in US, with one additional: “Only those who are allowed to work in US can be issued a “residence certificate”, which is nullified when employment is terminated”".

  • Ejsel

    Work experience means AFTER bachelor graduation?

    • 老 baRt 巴特 ‘homikus’


  • Ginger Armando De Ridder

    Subject Teaching will require 5 years, regular esl teaching will still require just two years of postgraduate experience. What will happen? International Schools will just have to hire professional subject teachers as esl teachers

  • Jake

    Agreed. But in the U.S. everyone overstays their work permit and nobody checks up on them.

  • Ginger Armando De Ridder

    I just felt the need to repost, of the four “new requirements” three were already in place. Also, ESL teachers still only require just two years of post-grad teaching experience (as it is now). The only teachers who are affected are “real” licensed subject teachers, the type that could teach in their home country. Anyway, I work for a recruiting company , and we’ve discussed this policy with some schools in Beijing who will now likely employ biology teachers as ESL teachers. Not exactly sure what this grand policy change is trying to occasion.

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