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[Graphic Video] Wife Douses Mistress With Gasoline, Sets Her on Fire

Posted: 06/30/2014 5:53 pm


kunming mistress immolation affair[This story contains material that may offend some readers]

A graphic video has surfaced from Yunnan Province showing a mistress being doused in flammable liquid and being set on fire by the man’s wife.

The incident happened yesterday (June 29) at around 7pm in Kunming. Mr Liu, the manager of a nearby tea shop, said a woman dressed in black had come up behind a woman dressed in red and said, ”You seduced my husband!”

The woman in black, later identified as Shi, then threw hot chili peppers into the woman’s face (who has not been identified). Shi then poured gasoline on the woman and set her on fire, as depicted in the video below. It was recorded by the dashboard camera of a nearby car.

kunming mistress immolation affair

There was no fire extinguisher nearby, and when people tried pouring water on the woman the fire only grew in size. After one or two minutes the woman finally lost consciousness.

Shi then drank several mouthfuls from a brown-colored bottle which witnesses said smelled like pesticide, and began cutting herself. She was taken to hospital, and had this to say about the woman she set on fire:

She is my husband’s mistress. She forced me to have a divorce (from him), so I poured gasoline on her.

There’s no significance for my daughter to live anymore, I don’t want to live/I don’t want her to live anymore.

kunming mistress immolation affairMiss Zhang, a friend of Shi, said Shi had been complaining a mistress was disrupting her family’s plans to earn money for her daughter’s university tuition. Shi’s husband was apparently a devoted husband until the mistress appeared on the scene.

Shi is currently in serious condition and is under constant supervision. Shi’s husband, reportedly a bus driver named Ma, has not answered questions by reporters. The mistress died from her injuries.

Warning: the following video is terrible and horrifying.

[h/t @niubi]

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