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Machete-wielding robbers target Apple supplier employees in Dongguan

Posted: 12/22/2011 7:30 am

In Dongguan, a number of employees of Wintek, a supplier for Apple, Nokia, Lenovo and other tech companies, have been seriously injured in 26 separate attacks since early November.

In a December 5 attack, 26-year-old Henan native Dong Haichao, who started working for Wintek around three months ago, was jumped by around 6-7 guys at just after 5am while on his home after having just clocked out, and chopped in several places on both legs and on his back.

Dong showing blood-stained cash that his assailants failed to find in his jeans back pocket.

Interviewed by Southern Metropolis Daily (SMD) last week from his hospital bed, Dong said, “[My attackers] didn’t even say a word, just came up and started stabbing, then made off with my mobile phone and bank cards.”

“When I arrived at the intersection, I checked to make sure no one was on the road [leading to the staff dorms] then I kept walking. Suddenly, two people appeared behind me and another four ran toward me from both sides.

“I wanted to run away, but it was too late,” Dong said, noting that attackers came at him with machetes about 20cm long, going through his pockets after he fell to the ground.

In its report last Wednesday, SMD quoted Dong’s doctor as saying that he’ll need at least another three weeks in hospital before he can be moved.

As the number of Wintek employees attacked has risen in recent weeks, Dong’s employers have begun scheduling security guards to escort workers back to their dorms between the hours of 4-6 am.

TheNanfang readers who live or work near the Sangyuan (桑园) neighborhood where the robberies are taking place, take care.

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