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PRD Today: Corporal Punishment, Meteor Shower Theme Song, Shenzhen Parking

Posted: 05/6/2014 4:32 pm

shenzhen parkingPRD Today is our daily collection of links and stories from around the Pearl River Delta and beyond.

Shenzhen implemented its new temporary parking system today, and has assigned 80 meter maids to write up tickets and listen to drivers complain how unfair their system is.

The pilot program to phase out live poultry markets in Guangzhou starts today. Under the new guidelines, all poultry including chicken, ducks, geese and doves are to be slaughtered in a centralized location, and then shipped out for consumption after being frozen. First affected will be 82 markets and 298 poultry sellers in the districts of Yuexiu, Liwan, Tianhe, Zhuhai New Area, and University Town in Panyu.

A meteor shower will be visible to Chinese residents from 2 or 3am early tomorrow morning as well as the day after. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a Chinese show called Let’s Go Watch a Falling Star Together so that you have something else to watch while hoping the smog clears in your neck of the Chinese woods. Check out the song above as you swoon along. Boy, kids in prep schools have it tough, don’t they?

Four people have been arrested in conjunction with the bridge collapse in the village of Liangping, Gaozhou that killed 11 and seriously injured two. Liang Ruibo, a spokesperson for the City of Gaozhou, said the village committee director, two people associated with the construction contractor and another official are to be held accountable for the bridge that was being built illegally.

corporeal punishmentA 7 year-old Panyu student was jabbed in the leg with a ballpoint pen by a teacher as an act of discipline. The student called Xiao Xuan (a pseudonym) was reportedly not sitting properly when the incident happened. The teacher has since apologized to the family.

Yeah, those Bitcoins are starting to look good right about now: China’s real estate bubble has already popped, reports Nomura, an investment house with a reputation for being particularly bearish. Normura points at a negative property investment in four of China’s provinces as the sign of things to come.

car accident dongguan up roofA four car accident in Dongguan on Zhangmutou Road resulted in a minivan coming to rest on the roof of a sedan and the road median.

The Guangzhou Transport Commission announced 300 new bus lines will be in operation by 2017, bringing the total number of bus lines to 1,200. New areas to be added to the public transportation grid include Guangdong Higher Education Mega Center, the Financial Town, Gualu Lake in Zengcheng, and Zengjiang River.

rice patty heart dongguanYou know what’s nice? Being in love. You know what’s almost as nice, and in line with the “Chinese dream”? Said representation of love using two interlocking hearts planted in a rice patty field near Dongguan.

Tonight in TV: The Amazing Spider-Man on CCTV-6 at 9:58pm. Dubbed in Chinese with Chinese subtitles. Coming up on Friday night: Men in Black 3.

Photo: Yangcheng Evening News

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