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Proposed Ban on E-bikes Not Sitting Well With Guangzhou Riders

Posted: 10/14/2014 8:38 pm

e-bike traffic electricGuangzhou residents are furious that the city is proposing to ban electric bikes, which are ubiquitous in the city and help people deliver goods.

Word of the ban has upset a number of Guangzhou residents, with even Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference member Yang Zhongyi saying it is “simply a joke”.

Delivery services that rely on the use of electric bikes are calling for a reprieve for businesses that make special use of them. Regular bikes are too slow and are only able to carry a fourth of the total weight that an e-bike can.

Water delivery businesses say the ban would “cut off the means to make a living”. A regular bike can’t carry the 9-12 jugs of water weighing 19 kilograms each.

One courier voiced his anger:

On the one hand you need to be environmentally conscious, and on the other hand you need efficiency. Speaking of environmental pollution, these electric bikes don’t pollute the environment. If you don’t let us ride them, how do we raise efficiency? Isn’t this a contradiction?

If adopted, the ban would make Guangzhou the last city in the Pearl River Delta to prohibit the use of the electric bicycle. Zhuhai was the first city to ban e-bikes in 2005, followed by Dongguan in 2007, Foshan in 2008, Shenzhen and Huizhou last year, and Zhongshan this past April. E-bikes will be banned by Zhaoqing and Jiangmen in 2016.

The legislative hearing is planned for November 1 when public opinion will be sought.


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  • Daniel McDermott

    Ban ‘em, hate those god damn things. It’s the riders of those bikes that ruin it for everyone, but there is no easy to way to enforce the traffic laws, so banning is really the best idea. However, I agree there should be special licenses given to businesses, such as the water delivery, McDonalds/Kung-Fu, and couriers. They should be required to have a plate number on their bike.

    The bikes are already outlawed in most touristy areas as of last month because of people getting hit by reckless riders. You can no longer ride bikes of any kind in Huacheng Square, and e-bikes are blocked from passing through in some areas near the Guangzhou Tower.

    • brad waddell

      what possible problem could anyone have with an electric powered bicycle? i simply cannot comprehend banning one of the cleanest quietest most efficient forms of transportation yet invented unless you have a financial benefit like a car company or a parking lot or a road builder. bikes allow far more traffic than cars and take up almost no parking space, don’t pollute and do nothing different than a pedaled bike which are allowed, so whats the problem? as a handicapped person, i use an e-bike daily and can’t see why they are banned as they cause no hassles to anyone and create positive traffic flow.

  • Neobooper

    Always thought it should be regulated, faster than normal bicycle but you don’t need license for it

  • Tony Bailey

    They should be regulated (plates, working lights, etc) and they should actually enforce the regulations.

    BTW…Zhongshan haven’t banned Ebikes….they’ve issued regulations about size, etc. Though when I was there two weeks ago it didn’t seem any different to normal!

  • palapalapala

    Banned bikes on Shenzhen? The city is full of them! What´s wrong with you guys?

    • charlesliu

      Taking cues after its neighbors, this Guangzhou e-bike “ban” is looking better all the time.

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