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Red Alert Weather Warning Issued for Guangdong Province [UPDATED]

Posted: 05/11/2014 11:28 pm

UPDATE May 12, 2014: At a time before 10:10am this morning, the red alert warning has been repealed.

As of 9:50pm on May 11, 2014, a red alert warning was issued by the Hong Kong Observatory for extreme weather conditions as heavy rain continues to fall.

A red rainstorm warning signal indicates 50 millimeters of rain are expected to fall within an hour, and that flash flooding becomes a significant threat to the public.

CCTV reports this is the heaviest rainfall for Shenzhen since 2008, with the maximum precipitation reaching 276.5 mm.

Shenzhen has suffered flooding around its city as well as suffering from sporadic electrical outages.

Besides flooding many roads, the heavy rain has delayed train travel around the province.

Schools are expected to close, and parents should listen to radio broadcasts for closure confirmations.

The Nanfang will continue to provide updates as the story develops.

Photo: Weibo

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