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Shenzhen Student Pays for Gaokao Answers, Given Wrong Ones

Posted: 06/11/2014 8:00 am

shenzhen gaokao cheaterA Shenzhen high school student identified as “Wu Lili” paid RMB 4,000 for answers to the gaokao exam which turned out to be wrong, reports Sina News Video.

Lili said she had found a person online who claimed to have official access to the answers on the math portion to the national university entrance exam. Lili admitted she was infatuated with this online person, and agreed to send him the requested RMB 4,000 payment.

Lili had memorized all the answers provided for her, but was completely shocked when she discovered while taking the test that none of the answers matched up. Lili didn’t tell anyone at first of her personal tragedy for fear of getting caught.

But Lili did eventually tell someone. Lili was interviewed by a police officer, and was also filmed on camera (as seen in the photo above).

Without the slightest betrayal of her own role as a cheater, Lili told the law enforcement official what she thought of the people who cheated her:

My future is now in doubt; this swindler is simply too heartless. Not only did he take my money, but he also destroyed my future.

And if there was any doubt at all to the moral of the story, Lili also said:

I sincerely hope that my younger classmates will be able to learn a lesson from my experience. Never, ever allow yourself to be tricked the way that I was and have your future taken away from you.

As brave as it was for Lili to come forward and serve as an example to others, the report did not mention the punishment Lili would face by confessing to a police officer that she had cheated on a national examination.

Photo: Shenzhen Evening Report via Weibo

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