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Shenzhen woman robbed at ATM, ignored by onlookers

Posted: 05/9/2012 2:55 pm

A woman has been robbed at an ATM machine in Shenzhen while an estimated 20 people passively looked on. The woman, identified as Miss Liu, was approached from behind by men who forcibly removed 20,000 RMB from her bank card which was in the machine, according to local television.

Liu claims to have cried for help but none of the 20 people around her intervened or called the police. She grappled with the assailants and claims that the security guard of the bank could not possibly have been unaware of what was happening, but he only appeared after the assailants had fled.

The security guard refused to comment, claiming that his employer would not allow him to talk to media. According to a member of staff at the bank, the security camera was faulty so they are unable to verify what happened.

Late last year, Shenzhen saw a series of ATM-related crimes. This security camera footage taken in the  city’s Buji Subdistrict, shows three criminals waiting behind a woman at an ATM. One would drop a 100 RMB note on the floor, explaining to the woman that it belonged to her, as she bent over to pick it up, an accomplice would approach from behind, switching the bank card and transferring all the funds into another account.

Police in Shantou recently seized more than 30,000 RMB and a large collection of bank cards, and arrested 6 suspects in connection with the ATM-related crimes. The investigation is ongoing.

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