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South China Braces for Typhoon Rammasun

Posted: 07/17/2014 3:53 pm

typhoon rammasun

The Pearl River Delta is not expected to lie in the path of typhoon Rammasun, but will still be hit with strong winds and rain when it touches down to the west tomorrow, reports China Daily.

Rammasun is expected to make landfall on mainland China tomorrow afternoon in the area between Lingshui, Hainan to Yangjiang, Guangdong. Today at 2pm, Rammasun was located just 660 km away from Shenzhen. The typhoon is kicking up winds at 40 meters per second.

The Hong Kong Observatory issued a No. 1 Standby Signal today at 2:45pm. It said the intensity of rain and wind will continue to pick up for the Pearl River Delta. In coastal areas, winds are expected to reach category 6 or 7 (over 100 kilometers per hour) with gusts reaching up to category 8 or 9 (over 150 kilometers per hour).

Downpours are forecast for most parts of Guangdong Province from today until Saturday.

typhoon rammasun

Photo: Shenzhen Weather, Guangzhou Traffic Station

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