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Dongguan Plumber Proposes to Girlfriend in Bra and Panties

Posted: 05/15/2014 12:52 pm

bikini wedding lingerie bra panty proposalIn this relationship, we’re not sure who wears the pants.

A 40 year-old electrician and plumber named Lian publicly proposed to his girlfriend Liao while dressed in a matching red bra and underwear yesterday in Zhangmutou, Dongguan.

Lian’s public lingerie show were part of a set of conditions demanded by Liao, aged 30.

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“My girlfriend made me do it,” Lian said, and described his foray into lingerie modelling as a test.

She wanted to see if I really loved her, would take care of her, and if I would have the courage to propose to her in a way that ordinary people may not understand.

The couple first met each other ten years ago, but made a romantic connection last year when Lian went to help with renovations to a property supervised by Liao.

The conditions set by Liao may be related to the economic disparity between the couple. Liao earns approximately RMB 10,000 a month as an accountant with a property management company, but Lian, once divorced, earns less than that and does not own a house.

Lian explained himself further:

I’m not handsome, not young, don’t have any money, and I am without any assets to speak of. That’s why my proposal is more unique without going overboard. Also, this will be an unforgettable experience.

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Against the Japanese

Without the security of a home and assets to comfort her, Liao thusly explained her attraction to Lian:

Can’t say if this is fate, but I just like Lian for his simple and virtuous nature.

We do, too. It seems only a person of a simple and virtuous nature would ever acquiesce to such a demand.bikini wedding lingerie bra panty proposalbikini wedding lingerie bra panty proposal


Photos: Yangcheng Evening Report


One woman turned up the heat to cool down on the Shenzhen metro

Posted: 07/21/2012 2:35 pm

One woman’s s-trip on the Shenzhen metro gave passengers something to talk about.

A video on Youku shows a lady animatedly arguing with metro staff on the station concourse about her choice of clothing, revealing her bra, deemed inappropriate in a public place.

According to Beijing Cream, the incident is said to have taken place on Tuesday, in the midst of the scorching summer heat.

Her fight goes further as she makes her way onto the train, but metro staff bring reinforcements. By this time, her facial and bodily gestures become more expressive. Later, she is then seen walking down the carriage, standing firm on her appearance.

Here is the transcript from Beijing Cream:

Warden: “If you feel it’s hot, we can turn up the air conditioner.”

Woman: “I won’t talk about it with you. I’m wearing clothes now.”


Woman: “I’m hot now. I’m already 39 degrees (Celsius). You still want me to wear clothes? Look at my sweat! You don’t have sweat.”

Warden: “If you feel like our air conditioner isn’t high enough, we can lower the temperature.”

Woman: “Turn it on, turn it on, turn it on!”

Break. Then they get on the subway train, and we don’t hear what is said. Which is too bad. The discussion was really going somewhere, I think.

This echoes a similar incident last month on the Shanghai Metro, as a woman was snapped by officials dressing provocatively, sparking outrage as they asked women to not dress in a sexy manner.

See the video below:


Bra workers strike after being told to “jump off a roof”

Posted: 11/29/2011 4:11 pm

Striking bra factory workers (Photo from The Age)

Things are not going well in our part of the country.

The global economic slowdown has meant many factories in the Pearl River Delta are seeing their orders slashed at precisely the same time workers are demanding higher salaries and improved working conditions.

Last Thursday, 8,000 shoe factory workers took to the streets in calls for higher wages in Dongguan.  This, on the heels of protests at Japanese auto factories last year.

Now it appears women at a bra factory are equally angry, this time over a bullying Cantonese boss.  The details from Hong Kong’s The Standard:

More than 400 female workers at a bra factory in Shenzhen cut off the power and downed tools after a manager told one to “jump off a roof and go to hell,” state-run media said yesterday.

Workers wearing pink overalls walked off the job at Top Form Underwear, a Hong Kong-listed company, after a Cantonese-speaking boss verbally abused a Mandarin-speaking worker who didn’t understand instructions, the New Express reported.

The strike is the latest in a string of actions driven by worker dissatisfaction in the Pearl River Delta, where millions of migrant workers are employed.

Not exactly Happy Guangdong.

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