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Guangdong Hot Enough to Cook Eggs on a Car’s Dashboard

Posted: 08/1/2014 2:26 pm

car dashboard cooked eggJuly was extraordinarily hot in Guangdong Province, and we finally have the scientific evidence to prove it: you can cook an egg with nothing but the heat and sun outside.

As of July 31, Guangdong had 30 consecutive days of temperatures over 35 degrees in each of its 92 counties. The city with the highest temperatures of them all is Shaoguan at 39.3 degrees.

For many, the only worthy mental activity is figuring out how to get a break from the oppressive heat, but for others this has awakened their inner scientist-cum-foodie: Is it hot enough to cook an egg on the dashboard of a car?

With temperatures inside cars reaching 70 degrees Celsius, one Weibo user decided in the name of science to undergo the experiment, and lo, three hours later, the results were in: smaller quail eggs that were left on the dashboard were fully cooked, while the bigger chicken eggs were half-cooked with a congealed yolk.

Perhaps next, a citizen scientist will be able to solve the mystery of why temperatures in China come close but never exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

Photo: Sina Guangdong


Ingenious Chinese Techniques to Beat Scorching Summer Heat

Posted: 07/29/2014 8:43 am

When the scorching summer heat pours on, nothing can stop creative minds from achieving a refreshing respite from the high temperatures. While they may look outrageous, they remain effective and indisputably cheap.

The Chinese interwebs are filled with creative ideas to stay cool, so we selected a few from Sina and a report by Huaxi Metropolis Daily. As the temperature in most provinces in China has soared to more than 37 Celsius degrees, they might come handy at some point.

1. Watermelon Suit

One Weibo user posted a series of photos featuring a little boy wearing a watermelon suit which went viral on the Internet last year. If you are looking to melt the summer heat with chubby babies, then wearing a watermelon suit is surely the way to go.

To make a watermelon suit, halve the melon and use one half as a hat, and the other half as the pants. Then, hollow out two holes and use a band for suspenders. Of course, this is not just for kids, a guy also made a Superman/Magneto suit out of watermelons.

Bottled water bed created by a university student in Wuhan, Hubei Province

2. Bottled Water Bed 

One online user posted a photo of his own invention of using many water bottles to form a bed. It’s supposedly easy to make as well: bundle all the water bottles into a square shape, and then lay a summer mat on top of it.


3. Sleeping with Winter Melon or Watermelon

According to some online users, sleeping with a winter melon at night can lower one’s body temperature by 2 or 3 Celsius degrees. This might seem bizarre, but experts have claimed that winter melon does help with lowering body temperature. As winter melon consists of 96% water, excess body heat can be transferred to the cooler melon. As well, watermelon can be an effective alternative.

A man lies in a water sink to cool off summer heat.

4. Embrace the Water

For those that have no alternative against the summer heat, there’s always the option to simply jump into a sink, or a water tank if available, reported Sina. Refreshingly cool, check! Not missing anything online with a laptop computer, check! Looking crazy, certainly check! The two guys below have surely lived out the essence of the this crazy cooling method.

Photos: Sina


Cool Down With Nine New Water Parks in Guangzhou

Posted: 06/12/2014 10:50 am

Those suffering from the stifling heat in Guangzhou will be able to find relief after nine new water parks and six beach swim facilities open in 2016, the city announced on its official Weibo account.

The nine new water parks include the second stage of the Haizhu District water park, Zhihui City East Central water park in Tianhe District, the Changzhou water park in Huangpu District, and the Zengcheng water park. The new water parks will cover 10 square kilometers.

The Longtou Lake beach swim center is one of six such facilities planned for Guangzhou. Construction has already begun on the Pazhou Bay beach swim facility and the Western swim center.

In addition to these projects, the city will build eight new city reservoirs including Tianhe Zhihui East Lake, Liwang Wanhua Lake, and Phoenix Lake.

Photo: Sohu


One woman turned up the heat to cool down on the Shenzhen metro

Posted: 07/21/2012 2:35 pm

One woman’s s-trip on the Shenzhen metro gave passengers something to talk about.

A video on Youku shows a lady animatedly arguing with metro staff on the station concourse about her choice of clothing, revealing her bra, deemed inappropriate in a public place.

According to Beijing Cream, the incident is said to have taken place on Tuesday, in the midst of the scorching summer heat.

Her fight goes further as she makes her way onto the train, but metro staff bring reinforcements. By this time, her facial and bodily gestures become more expressive. Later, she is then seen walking down the carriage, standing firm on her appearance.

Here is the transcript from Beijing Cream:

Warden: “If you feel it’s hot, we can turn up the air conditioner.”

Woman: “I won’t talk about it with you. I’m wearing clothes now.”


Woman: “I’m hot now. I’m already 39 degrees (Celsius). You still want me to wear clothes? Look at my sweat! You don’t have sweat.”

Warden: “If you feel like our air conditioner isn’t high enough, we can lower the temperature.”

Woman: “Turn it on, turn it on, turn it on!”

Break. Then they get on the subway train, and we don’t hear what is said. Which is too bad. The discussion was really going somewhere, I think.

This echoes a similar incident last month on the Shanghai Metro, as a woman was snapped by officials dressing provocatively, sparking outrage as they asked women to not dress in a sexy manner.

See the video below:

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