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Dongguan Plumber Proposes to Girlfriend in Bra and Panties

Posted: 05/15/2014 12:52 pm

bikini wedding lingerie bra panty proposalIn this relationship, we’re not sure who wears the pants.

A 40 year-old electrician and plumber named Lian publicly proposed to his girlfriend Liao while dressed in a matching red bra and underwear yesterday in Zhangmutou, Dongguan.

Lian’s public lingerie show were part of a set of conditions demanded by Liao, aged 30.

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“My girlfriend made me do it,” Lian said, and described his foray into lingerie modelling as a test.

She wanted to see if I really loved her, would take care of her, and if I would have the courage to propose to her in a way that ordinary people may not understand.

The couple first met each other ten years ago, but made a romantic connection last year when Lian went to help with renovations to a property supervised by Liao.

The conditions set by Liao may be related to the economic disparity between the couple. Liao earns approximately RMB 10,000 a month as an accountant with a property management company, but Lian, once divorced, earns less than that and does not own a house.

Lian explained himself further:

I’m not handsome, not young, don’t have any money, and I am without any assets to speak of. That’s why my proposal is more unique without going overboard. Also, this will be an unforgettable experience.

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Against the Japanese

Without the security of a home and assets to comfort her, Liao thusly explained her attraction to Lian:

Can’t say if this is fate, but I just like Lian for his simple and virtuous nature.

We do, too. It seems only a person of a simple and virtuous nature would ever acquiesce to such a demand.bikini wedding lingerie bra panty proposalbikini wedding lingerie bra panty proposal


Photos: Yangcheng Evening Report


Nanfang TV: Guangdong TV’s plan to have bikini-clad weather girls didn’t work out so well

Posted: 06/14/2012 10:19 am

There is a perception that only attractive people are being chosen to appear on television these days, even in serious journalism roles.  One peek at Fox News seems to confirm this (do they have a factory churning out blonde talking heads?).  But if it’s all about propping up pretty girls on TV, why not take it to its logical conclusion?

Guangdong TV has done that, and has consequently found itself in some hot water.  The station has hired bikini models to give weather forecasts for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, which is being held in Ukraine and Poland.

The girls were trotted out for the first time on Saturday night, and immediately the Chinese interwebs lit up with reaction, according to Xinhua.

The women were the topic of more than 100,000 posts on Sina Weibo, the country’s most popular microblogging site, as of Tuesday afternoon. Some of the comments were positive, such as that of Liu Lai, a manager for computer manufacturer Lenovo.

“A brave breathrough. Bravo for Guangdong TV,” Liu wrote.

Other users, however, were incensed.

“I did not see any beauty in them. If female anchors all dress like this, I would rather turn off the TV,” wrote netizen “Listening to nature.”

An opinion piece published in the Tuesday edition of the People’s Daily said “inviting bikini girls to deliver weather reports is simply an unwise stunt.”

An opinion poll on the newspaper’s website,, showed that 58.5 percent of 3,645 respondents believe hiring the models was a “vulgar” decision and demonstrates a lack of social responsibility.

Another 37.4 percent, however, said there is no need to be offended by the incident.

After the online ruckus, Guangdong TV backed down and is now having the girls appear with t-shirts on.

CCTV has inadvertently become a victim of Guangdong TV’s decision to hire the models.  CCTV itself brought Li Yundi on board, a renowned Chinese pianist, for its coverage of the UEFA Cup.  Sadly for the venerable national state-run broadcaster, it’s decision was vastly overshadowed by Guangdong TV’s scantily-clad models.

Beijing Cream, which alerted us to the story, said the girls were chosen through a contest, according to Guangdong TV’s website:

They’re apparently also around to give live commentary of the games on Guangdong Sports Channel, which just seems like overuse of their, ahem, skills. Don’t want to risk overexposing them, you know?

You can catch a video of the “weather forecast” below in this edition of Nanfang TV.

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