Live bomb found at Guangdong fish market… inside a squid which ate it

Posted: 03/25/2013 1:00 pm

A live bomb was discovered inside a squid at a fish market in Jiaoling County on Sunday, Guangzhou Daily reports. It turned out the squid had swallowed it. Police later carried out a controlled explosion.

It kind of does look like a fish

When the seller was gutting the squid at a market in Jiaoling County in northeastern Guandong, in front of customers, he discovered a hard object inside the squid. He ended up pulling out a bomb, which was about 20 centimetres long and weighed 3 jin (approximately 1.5kg).

The sherriff’s department later confirmed it was an active bomb and carried out a controlled explosion.

The seller, Mr. Huang, speculated that the squid had swallowed the bomb thinking it was a fish.

That squid, which was more than a metre in length, truly led a charmed life until it was caught, sold to a market and gutted.


Meizhou firefighters help an American tourist out of a tight squeeze

Posted: 03/15/2013 4:10 pm

Visitors to China might end up paying the “foreigner price” when they want to buy something, but they also might get extra attention when they need some help.

The fire department in Meizhou, in Guangdong Province, was mobilized to help one American man pull a ring off his finger. This, only days after a foreigner collapsed on the Guangzhou metro and was given CPR from a concerned metro attendant.

It all happened on Thursday (March 14), when an American couple were touring Guangdong. The man’s finger began to swell, apparently for no reason, and his ring became unmovable. In quite some pain, he went to a hardware shop for help, then went to the hospital, but nobody was able to get the ring off successfully.

Finally, they turned to a group of firefighters. By now, the man’s finger was seriously swollen and the skin was beginning to fester. The firefighters had a close look at the situation, then pulled out some tools to secure his finger in place and cut through the ring to release it. After some nervous moments, it worked.

The American visitor wanted to pay for the rescue, but the firefighters all said no. He then gave them the thumbs up and said “thank you” in Chinese.


Child trafficking ring busted, 14 of the rescued babies were sold by their own parents

Posted: 02/6/2013 9:00 am

After four child trafficking rings were smashed in a cooperative effort by police in six Guangdong cities on October 17 last year, it was discovered Monday that 14 of the rescued babies had been sold by their own parents, according to Sina News. Another baby died while being transported by the criminals.

The parents received between 20,000 and 30,000 yuan for the children. Three of the childrens’ parents have already been arrested and all 13 of the infants now reside in orphanages in Huizhou. Another was adopted.

In May last year, police in Huizhou, Meizhou, Heyuan, Dongguan, Jiangmen and Shanwei began to cooperate after three babies were rescued and three trafficers were arrested in Heyuan.

The effort culminated on October 16 when 27 were arrested and the rest of the babies were rescued.

Police are now seeking out the rest of the parents and the orphanages are trying to find homes for the children.

In a country that prides itself on its family values, netizens are outraged that any parent could consider this. One Sina Weibo user said: “If you can’t afford a baby then don’t have one.” Another wished for all the parents to get the death penalty.


Another day, another food scare: beware of bad pork in Dongguan

Posted: 07/27/2012 7:00 am

The PRD is being hit with another food scare, this time in Dongguan.  Southern Metropolis Daily is reporting that more than ten tons of unqualified (read: harmful) pork has been sold in the city.  A public investigation into illegal slaughtering and processing of pork was held at Jiaoling County People’s Court in Meizhou on July 24.

One of the men accused of selling the pork admitted that it came from sick pigs but denied that it was harmful. “I ate the pork and so did some others, and none of us got sick,” said Cheng. Cheng and his associates rented three slaughterhouses and two processing factories before going into production in Oct. 2011.

Cheng and his team oversaw the whole process: purchasing ill or dead pigs, then slaughtering and processing them before selling them to a market in a mountainous area of Dongguan called Daling.

An examination by Guangdong Animal Epidemic Prevention Center, confirmed that the pork had foot and mouth disease (FMDV). The slaughterhouse has been shut down and the remaining pork has been disposed of.


Man detained for forging lottery ticket

Posted: 06/28/2012 3:29 pm

Plenty of people have expressed concern in recent years about how crudely materialistic China is becoming. There was the woman who said on television that she would rather cry in the back of a BMW than go for a romantic bike ride. Beijing-based singer Chuanzi sings satirical songs about how he cannot afford to do essential things such as own property or get married. And scandals about people doing dastardly things to make themselves rich are never far away.

But one Shenzhen man has proven to be somewhat less cunning than the best con-artists.

The hairdresser was arrested for forging a lottery ticket after the winning numbers were announced, according to Shenzhen Evening Post. After printing the ticket at a photographer’s shop for 5 yuan, the man, surnamed Huang, who lives in Longgang District took it to city’s lottery center to claim the 5.7 million yuan prize money.

On June 18, Huang, 20, entered the lottery center on Hongling Road in Luohu District. After receiving the ticket with the numbers 2012069, the worker thought it odd and asked Huang whether it was real. Huang explained that he had left it in his pocket when he was washing his clothes. An examination showed the ticket to be made with non-standard paper, and lacked all of the hallmarks of a legitimate lottery ticket.

The worker at the lottery center called the police. After being taken down to Guiyuan Police Station in Luohu, Huang first claimed that he had bought the ticket not knowing it was a fake, then explained that he found it. Eventually, he confessed to having it made for himself.

Huang, who comes from Meizhou in Guangdong Province, could face 3-10 years in jail, according to a lawyer. Ren, the photographer, could also face criminal charges. Ren claims he had initially been reluctant to help Huang.

When Huang went to the lottery center, he was accompanied by his friend who works in a factory. Huang, who is poorly educated and does not have a bank account, also lied to his friend and said he had washed the lottery ticket by mistake.


Nanfang TV: Road rage, Guangdong style

Posted: 01/3/2012 5:04 pm

We’ve all witnessed road range in some form or another, but this guy takes the cake.

Police tried to stop a vehicle in Meizhou, Guangdong but the driver eluded the check.  The police officer banged on the car with his fists as the car drove off.  Unfortunately for the driver, traffic ahead was heavy, and chaos ensued as he destroyed everything in sight in an effort to escape.

(H/t to Shanghaiist)