Child trafficking ring busted, 14 of the rescued babies were sold by their own parents

Posted: 02/6/2013 9:00 am

After four child trafficking rings were smashed in a cooperative effort by police in six Guangdong cities on October 17 last year, it was discovered Monday that 14 of the rescued babies had been sold by their own parents, according to Sina News. Another baby died while being transported by the criminals.

The parents received between 20,000 and 30,000 yuan for the children. Three of the childrens’ parents have already been arrested and all 13 of the infants now reside in orphanages in Huizhou. Another was adopted.

In May last year, police in Huizhou, Meizhou, Heyuan, Dongguan, Jiangmen and Shanwei began to cooperate after three babies were rescued and three trafficers were arrested in Heyuan.

The effort culminated on October 16 when 27 were arrested and the rest of the babies were rescued.

Police are now seeking out the rest of the parents and the orphanages are trying to find homes for the children.

In a country that prides itself on its family values, netizens are outraged that any parent could consider this. One Sina Weibo user said: “If you can’t afford a baby then don’t have one.” Another wished for all the parents to get the death penalty.


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