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Fearless 13-year old in Dongguan sleeps with 220lb python, parents encourage it

Posted: 02/4/2013 8:51 am

We’ve all taken something to bed with us at one time or another – like a cuddly toy or our partners – but one fearless 13-year-old in Dongguan has been sleeping with his pet Burmese python for the last 12 years.

Weighing in at 220lbs (or the equivalent of a rather fat man) and stretching 15ft, the slippery creature is more than capable of crushing his companion.

For the majority of people, the sight of a snake, no matter how big or small, would rattle our cages – and that’s putting it mildly. At worst, you’d completely freak out.

In various images, Azhe Lin can be seen kissing the snake’s head and laying in bed with it nonchalantly – and it captures just how big the animal is.

Lin’s father Chan has been telling media is son’s unique relationship has grown so much that the pair are inseparable.

From early on, the snake would act as some sort of playmate for Azhe whilst his parents were busy making a living.

It’s certainly the ultimate toy but it will raise a lot of alarm bells over the parenting.

Nevertheless, this is the ultimate good luck symbol in the upcoming Year of the Snake.

Photo: ChinaSMACK

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