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Caring grandmother in Dongguan beheaded over grandson’s gambling addiction rage

Posted: 02/2/2013 12:43 pm

A horrific story has emerged in little Dongguan, so read at your own risk.

It looks like anger management, and possibly mental illness, has resulted in another heinous crime.

A 75-year-old grandmother living in Dongguan lost her head, and her life, after getting into a war of words with her grandson Li Yaojing, 26, over his gambling addiction.

It’s reported that Zhan Cuixia went over to her grandson’s house to look after him – because his parents were working at the time.

Here is some more detail in China Press as reported by The Star:

The body of Zhan Cuixia and her severed head were found in the bathroom of her son’s house in Dongguan of China’s Guangdong province, some 10 minutes’ walk from her own home.

What’s not clear at the moment is whether there is a mental health issue attributed to the story – as all to often seen in the most notable murders.

The murder will be a painful experience for Zhan’s daughter who witnessed her nephew attack her mother.

“She was struggling on the ground and shouting for help, but I couldn’t open the door to go in and save her,” she said, adding that she sought help from neighbours, who said they heard the grandmother and grandson arguing over his gambling habit earlier.

This case echoes a similar story of a guy killing the owners of an internet cafe and setting fire to their shop, burning the bodies, too, after the internet dropped. Needless to say an argument ensued – and the rest is history.

Home Page Photo Credit: AsiaOne

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