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Another day, another food scare: beware of bad pork in Dongguan

Posted: 07/27/2012 7:00 am

The PRD is being hit with another food scare, this time in Dongguan.  Southern Metropolis Daily is reporting that more than ten tons of unqualified (read: harmful) pork has been sold in the city.  A public investigation into illegal slaughtering and processing of pork was held at Jiaoling County People’s Court in Meizhou on July 24.

One of the men accused of selling the pork admitted that it came from sick pigs but denied that it was harmful. “I ate the pork and so did some others, and none of us got sick,” said Cheng. Cheng and his associates rented three slaughterhouses and two processing factories before going into production in Oct. 2011.

Cheng and his team oversaw the whole process: purchasing ill or dead pigs, then slaughtering and processing them before selling them to a market in a mountainous area of Dongguan called Daling.

An examination by Guangdong Animal Epidemic Prevention Center, confirmed that the pork had foot and mouth disease (FMDV). The slaughterhouse has been shut down and the remaining pork has been disposed of.

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